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To the Distress of The French and their Allies

Rangers of the French and Indian War
Volume 1

"Destined to become a classic."

In the early days of the French and Indian War, the English Army suffered a series of devastating defeats, mostly at the hands of Canadian partisans and French-allied Indians who were masters of wilderness warfare. A corps of hardened frontiersmen, predominately from New England and including Mohegan Indians and African Americans—both freed and enslaved—was formed to learn "the Indian manner of fighting" and take the war to the enemy. Their exploits became legendary.

To Distress the French and Their Allies is a monumental history of the epic story of Rogers' Rangers that interprets and synthesizes vast numbers of original documents into a fascinating narrative. As a preeminent chronicler of Robert Rogers, Todish has produced a major scholarly volume that is both fresh with new details and perspectives, as well as being wonderfully readable. The book is richly illustrated by the extraordinary artwork and accompanying historical texts of renowned artist and military historian Garv S. Zaboly. It is a must have book that deserves wide readership.

—Dr. RUSSELL P. BELLICO is a professor emeritus at Westfield State University in Massachusetts. He is the author of Empires in the Mountains: French and Indian War Campaigns and Forts in the Lake Champlain, Lake George, and Hudson River Corridor and four other books on the history of the region.


In this impressive new study. Tim Todish shares a lifetime of knowledge and enthusiasm for Rogers' Rangers, Exploring the reality behind their legendary exploits, Tim's scholarly and readable text is complemented by the atmospheric artwork of Gary Zaboly, a leading authority on the rangers' material culture. The result is a book that anyone fascinated by Rogers' Rangers - and the brutal fighting in which they earned their reputation - will want to acquire.

—DR. STEPHEN BRUMWELL, author of White Devil: A True Story of War, Savagery and Vengeance in Colonial America


Tim Todish has provided the most comprehensive and compelling history of Robert Rogers and his Rangers to date. A definitive work brimming with new evidence and new maps including new artwork by the distinguished Gary Zaboly, this book is a must for any military history library.

Lt. COL. IAN MACPHERSON MCCULLOCH (RET.), former Commander of the Canadian Black Watch Regiment and author of John Bradstreet's Raid 1758 and Sons of the Mountains.


This volume is destined to become a classic work on Rogers' Rangers. Representing decades of research and collaboration, Tim Todish's scholarship and Gary Zaboly's artistry will enrich and inspire students of eighteenth-century warfare in North America.

—Lt COL. DAVID L. PRESTON, PH.D., General Mark W. Clark Distinguished Professor of History, The Citadel

140 maps and illustrations, including 60 paintings and drawings by Gary S. Zaboly

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