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Silver Medal Winner: “Best Regional Non-Fiction” in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2008.

Graceful birchbark canoes gliding silently across a mirror-like wilderness lake—Woodland Indian warriors moving warily beneath the heavy canopy of a virgin forest–tender family moments that are universal to all races and cultures—colorful and dramatic moments in the never ending struggle between man and nature—all of these scenes and more are captured with both artistic beauty and incredible historical accuracy in the original paintings and limited edition art prints of Robert Griffing.

Griffing’s first book of Eastern Woodland Indian and colonial American art was published in 2000. It is a world-wide success, and is now in its third printing. Volume II is a beautiful 9 ½” x 12 ½”–200 page book containing over 135 new, full color reproductions of Griffing’s art, as well as an all new text by Tim J. Todish.

Once again the artist uses his unique historical knowledge and artistic skills to portray the people, places, and events of early America, not in the way of the legends, but as they actually appeared. The Narrative Art of Robert Griffing: The Journey Continues is an absolute must for all art lovers and serious students of early American history.

By doing justice to their common humanity, Griffing honors not only notable figures like Washington and Braddock whose lives we recall during the 25oth anniversary commemorations of the French and Indian War, but all the peoples who made our history in the American colonial period . . . . Griffing’s unique vision of the period and the Eastern Woodlands frontier is an immense gift for anyone who cares about the colonial past. His images of that past make this volume a book to treasure.
Fred Anderson
Professor of History, University of Colorado, Boulder



The Narrative Art of Robert Griffing, Volume II–The Journey Continues. Text by Tim J. Todish, with a Foreword by Fred Anderson, and art by Robert Griffing.

Hard Cover, 9.25″ x 12.25″, 190 pp., Paramount Press, Stow, New York, 2007, $65.00

ISBN # 978-0-9800812-0-6

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